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The Forever Fat Loss Formula Digital Edition VIP Invite
[Registration Opens August 20th]...

Get Control of Your Hunger, Drop 10 to 15 lbs FOR GOOD, and LIVE FREE of Diets Forever While Still Eating Your Favorite Foods. Even if You've Tried Everything Before and It Didn't Stick...

Hi! Becky here…


I’m feeling rambunctious, so I’m doing a bit of an experiment…


You see, my high-end coaching, Forever Fat Loss Formula, has helped a lot of women lose a BUNCH of weight FOR GOOD. 


BUT, it took so much of my time and attention to work so closely with ladies that I had to charge accordingly…


And at $2000, I know it was out of most women’s grasp. 


I was never happy about leaving so many ladies out of the loop BUT…


Since I’m always looking for the silver lining in all situations whether good or bad… 


I put together a plan for all of us to win:-) 


Because I worked so closely coaching my ladies this past year…


I’ve got it streamlined so women can DROP the diets, gimmicks, and stress of figuring out what works so they can finally begin to drop the weight for good. 


So starting April 18th I’m going to open the doors to the first class of my new 6 Week Forever Fat Loss Formula Digital Edition…


…and as a BONUS ladies will be joining me on LIVE calls each week to ask questions and get support from the community.  


And of course, I’m doing it for a FRACTION of the cost:-) 


Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll discover…

Week 1


Time Saving Nutrition Plan - Simplify WHEN to eat and WHAT TO EAT


Trying to follow 100’s of diet rules is OVERWHELMING! In week one, we’re going to LASER IN on feeding the body the right KIND and BALANCE of foods it needs to begin to level off the healthy hormones (which helps kill cravings). 


We aren't restricting food groups or giving anyone strict lists of food to eat.

It's flexible around YOUR preferences and needs!

We’ll simplify when to eat and what to eat in a way that’s simple, easy, and saves time so ladies won’t have to spend half their day counting calories, weighing portions, or logging every bite of food. 


AND they can take this formula with them anywhere (on vacation, to parties, or out to dinner so they can still enjoy their life while staying on track with their goals).


Ladies will discover the #1 MENTAL BLOCK that holds them back and keeps them stuck - And the key to not giving up on themselves in this process, staying consistent, and not letting roadblocks get in their way.


In Week 1, ladies will discover how they can make “falling off track’ a thing of the past. They’ll find it freeing that they’re spending less time and energy planning and creating healthier meals and instead, feel more prepared for when life throws curve balls at them!

Week 2

Calorie Counting Hack - Counting calories is A LOT of work and it’s not always accurate. So many plans out there underestimate what women need and it creates an impossible storm of hunger, cravings, and low energy making it impossible to stick to the plan over the long haul.


With my simple 2-Step HUNGER HACK ladies will never have to count calories again and they’ll know EXACTLY what their body needs to drop the pounds without having to starve themselves or force down another plate of plain chicken and broccoli!

Key to Lasting Motivation - They’ll also discover a little unknown secret to staying motivated and consistent without relying on constant willpower.


In Week 2, by giving their body what it truly needs to thrive, ladies will notice they have energy, their mood is OPTIMISTIC, and it paints their entire day brighter without guzzling a pot of coffee or crashing on the couch after work with an empty tank.

Week 3

Master Your Cravings - Ladies may know what to eat, but that often won’t stop the late-night hunger binges or a few glasses of wine after a long day at work they “know they shouldn’t be having”.


Sometimes ladies know what to do…but it’s hard to say “no” when tempted with tasty food that helps them forget about their rough day.

In Week 3, I’m showing ladies how to “flip on” the master hormone switch so those “snacky” foods are no longer tempting. They’ll feel satisfied with all the foods they’re eating so cravings are naturally minimized. That’s also when they’ll start to see the fat melting away permanently!

Week 4 & 5

Favorite Foods Formula - So many women have tried giving up their favorite foods…only to have it backfire with late-night binges or off-the-rails weekend free for alls. Giving up their favorite foods is a recipe for disaster and one that keeps women on the endless loop of restriction & deprivation followed by overeating, only to start over again on Monday for the millionth time.

I’m sharing how to HOP off this endless cycle for good so ladies can drop the weight and still enjoy their favorite foods like - wine, cheese, sweets, chips, cheeseburgers, pizza, tacos…you name it. No foods are off the list and I’ll show them exactly how to incorporate them so they drop the pounds while never feeling deprived again!

Weeks 4 & 5 will show ladies how to feel in control around food for the first time, the hold it has them will be lifted! They’ll notice a sense of satisfaction with their healthy foods and start looking forward to them. They’ll also start to notice those pants feeling looser!

Week 6

Master Your Metabolism - You’re not doomed to a slow metabolism once you hit 40! Up to week 6, ladies will have gotten the exact blueprint for fitness and food for a healthier metabolism but without these pieces that most diet plans leave out, women may find themselves struggling to drop the pounds still. Fitness and food are only PART of the equation when it comes to boosting your metabolism and melting off the pounds.

In Week 6, we’re going to kick the process of HEALING the metabolism into high gear so ladies can burn off FAT faster and more EFFICIENTLY for good.

Ladies, will fit into those smaller size pants and drop 10-15 lbs without ever having to worry if it will come back. Friends and family will notice the changes they’re making. And their compliments will put an extra pep in their step.

When ladies put these steps into place they’ll know what happiness FEELS like because they’ll have energy and an optimistic mood throughout the day!


My only question is, how soon would you like to start living like that?

Now before you say, “UM YES BECKY!!…”

You might have some questions so let me see if I can handle those for ya:

***Is this really just a front to get me to buy into a supplement package, meal program or join an MLM?

Absolutely not! I personally designed this program from 17 years studying fitness, nutrition, and health psychology while also working firsthand with 1000's of women over that time. I took what worked, simplified it, and tossed what didn't work.


I'm NOT going to ask you to sign up for some sort of MLM and there is NOT going to be any additional shakes, protein, bars, pills, special meals or additional costs required here.


This is real life, and when the goal is sustainable weight loss, relying on protein bars and tiny packaged meals that taste like cardboard for every meal isn't going to last.

We'll focus on eating REAL food, including making food enjoyable and fun!

***Am I going to have to track and measure everything?

I like to keep things simple. Simple = sustainable. You’ll know exactly what to eat and when to eat without having to count calories, weigh everything you eat, or track every bite of food.

And no, you don’t need “meal plans” for goodness sakes. What we’re doing is simpler than that.

***I’ve tried lots of diets in the past. How do I know this will work for me?

That’s exactly why I’m putting this program together for you. I know that diets are short-term and it’s why so many women struggle with the yo-yo year after year. This is not another diet, but rather a lifestyle plan that works for your unique body, life, schedule, and preferences. The tools you’ll receive here help you create sustainable weight loss so you don’t have to keep starting over again year after year.

And no, you don’t need “meal plans” for goodness sakes. What we’re doing is simpler than that.

***I’m a picky eater or have food allergies. Will this work for me?


Absolutely! The key to sustainable change is making this program work for you, no matter your schedule, food preferences, or allergies, instead of molding you into a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits all program.

It’s why we don’t just give out one-size fits all meal plans or just throw a list of diet rules at you because we know that stuff never works in the long run and if anything it’s what’s keeping you stuck on the yo-yo hamster wheel.

So don’t be ask’n me if you get a meal plan, this is gonna be easier than that:-)

***I’m going to be traveling in the coming weeks. Maybe this isn’t the best time?


Listen, this is the BEST time in my humble opinion.

Especially since we’re giving ladies the strategies & support to effectively deal with being out and about and still staying on track.

I recently had a client who just traveled for 2 weeks - was anxious about the whole thing and ended up losing 3 lbs and getting under 240 for the first time in YEARRRS. She didn't think she could get there!


Just think, if you can melt off the pounds when you’re traveling and KEEP it off, there’s no time during the rest of the year you won’t be able to!


You’ll be in TOTAL control!


***I know you have workouts over on Youtube, but I need help with a more structured workout plan? Does this help with that too?

Yes, as part of this program we have a 6-week workout calendar linking to our low-impact Youtube workouts to take the guesswork out of what workout to do when so you get the EXACT balance of strength, cardio, and flexibility workouts to maximize your weight loss.

And you get IMMEDIATE access to the calendar right away so you can start getting into a routine with workouts before we even start!

Even if you’re already utilizing the workouts having some structure, accountability, and support can be the difference-maker in staying consistent.

***Do you have any guarantees?

Take the next 365 days and USE the strategies and insights inside. I’m SO confident that you’ll feel different that if you don’t, just message my support for a full refund.

All I kindly ask is for someone to send us their weekly journal assignment that shows they consistently used these strategies.

***BONUS: Will I get any support during the 6 weeks?

Yes!! We have a VIP Private Members Only Facebook community where you can get support from other members and get your questions answered in the weekly Live Q&A (one question per member).

But this is a LIMITED OPPORTUNITY because I’m adding it as a bonus for these 6 weeks only. (I don’t plan on offering it with Live Support in the future)

Now here’s the thing…

Because I am doing Live Q&A and a FB group it’s gonna require a lot of work on my part over 6 weeks.

So because of that, I’m going to cap the number of ladies to join us at 300 total…

Which, seems like a lot of people except around 200,000 women in my audience are gonna see this!

Now, I’m not rush’n ya. All I AM say’n is if you’d like to join us, now might be a good time:-)

Here’s All You Have To Do To Secure Your Spot

Pay In Full a ONE TIME $297 and you’ll get lifetime access to the course material. Included will be the 6 weeks of LIVE Q&A and community support.

[Registration is Now Closed - Doors Open August 20th]

Listen girl, I’d love to have you join us so you can leave the weight in the past…

If you’d like to join us, grab your spot.

After you make payment, you’ll be directed to the Private VIP FB group and be emailed login details for the member's area

Remember: The next class doesn't start until September 12th but you get immediate access to the workout calendar as soon as you secure your seat.

I’m rooting for you to get one of these spots!

💕 Becky

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